Joe the Co

Frank’s co-pilot was called Joe. Joe was (✝nov 12 2012) a Jack Russell terrier, short legs and rough coat and was born July 12th 1996 in Hoenderloo. Joe logged flying hours in the Xtra 300L, Bucker Jungmann (open cockpit bi-plane), Robinson 44 (Helicopter), A26 Invader(4000 HP Warbird) Gliders and many other aircrafts. Joe pulled more than 8 ‘G’. Joe was eight weeks old when she first experienced the joy of flying upside down in Frank’s Extra 300. For Joe, there are no surprises in an aeroplane.

Joe the Co was fully accreditated at all major airports in the World and hasdbeen flown in for TV shootings on KLM. Joe had golf course permission and is specialised in finding “lost” golf balls.

Joe’s boss Frank wrote a book about the life of Joe. Joe, the little puppy dreaming about flying. The book is auto-bark-o-graphic. The book will be published in Dutch and English language, and can be preorderd through this website, soon.

Illustrations: © Liesbeth Keder from Holland (As well)


At the pictures: After a special meeting with Founders, Board of Directors, Golf Pro, Caddy Master, Course Manager, Greenkeepers, Joe was selected to be the ONE and ONLY dog (Cavia for friends) with course permission at the Golf and Country club Winterswijk. Members of Voortwisch need to know that Joe liked to be treated with respect, and not to be disturbed during sleeping.

Technical Specs:

  • Type: Jack Russell Terrier
  • Weight: 5.2 kg’s
  • Engine: 4 short legs, powered good food driven Barkoming 540 (1 DP* (1.4 Kw) *Dog Power
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Length: 51 cm
  • Wingspan: 15 cm
  • Propeller: Short tail
  • Roll rate: As desired by Joe
  • Max speed: 330 Mph in Invader, 210 Km/h on Honda Pan European, Mach 0.92 in Airliner, 5 km/h walking, 17 km/h running.