Joe the Co lives forever

Joe the Co,

Recently I flew a very special aerobatic demo. It was over Winterswijk where I opened the Voorstwisch golf and country club. This very nice course expanded from 9 to a full 18 holes golf course. It was a lovely clear blue skies day and I truly enjoyed my short flight from Teuge to the German border. Exactly on time I dove in for the unlimited show. Smoke On!
My point of contact on the location had informed me that everybody was ready.
It was painful to see that the audience was drinking beer, champagne and eating bitterballs while I was sweating like hell and pulling G’s. (It’s a hard job but somebody has got to do it).
The special touch of this demo was that the owners of the golf course had decided to name hole 1, a dogleg to the right, to late Joe the Co, my loyal friend the Jack Russell.

joe+boss layers meetx
Joe was the only dog to get permission to join me on the golf course. (In 16 ½ years Joe collected more than 2000 golfballs.)
BTW Joe the Co had permission to play at Welderen, De Scherpenbergh, Voortwisch, Blijenbeek. For my new club, de Rosendaelsche it is still 385 Bridges too far to have a dog at the course.

Joe Voortwisch

Sorry I was diluting from the subject.
I made my extra tumble through the east Dutch skies leaving fluffly smoke trails behind. After my demo I quickly headed to EDLS (Stadlohn Wenningfeld) where I landed 6o seconds later and was picked up to be transported to the Voortwisch, in order to………

Drink beer and eat bitterballs.:-)
Next morning I flew back to EHTE.

Another remarkable day in my life.