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Frank Versteegh

“Making the impossible, possible” is his motto in life.  Aviator, keynote speaker, writer, photographer, nature conservationist, motivator etc.
He trains airline pilots  in upset recovery and transfers situational awareness to various companies in the world.
He travels a lot and loves the chaos in Africa. (He is a sun loving person).

After participating in the FAI World Cup of Aerobatics for three years he specialised in freestyle aerobatics and skydancing.
Frank participated in European and World Aerobatic Championships since 1987.

When not flying, Frank is well respected keynote speaker.
He is specialized in topics about risk management and safety systems. He compares protocols and working attitude in aviation with other professions.

In his free time he wrote a children’s book, about the life of a little dog, dreaming to fly one day. (Joe the Co is his dog, a Jack Russell. The book is auto-bark-o-grafic).
Photography and videography are his hobbies resulting in his first DVD about flying. It contains beautiful material (majority taken from the cockpit) off many flying adventures. When not racing, you can find Frank in the bush of Africa where he enjoys the wildlife, or he is playing golf.

His first display:
Frank flew his first display in a Cessna 150 aerobat, at the island of Ameland. In 1986 a group of Dutch pilots purchased the famous Pitts S2S G-SOLO. This biplane has been flying as solo aircraft in the Rothmanns team. Frank flew the Pitts from 1987 until 1989.
The Pitts was sold to Germany. (July 3rd 1989) On the return flight from Rosenthal Frank ferried the Zlin 50 LS from the late Manfred Strossenreuther to Teuge. In this plane Frank won the Dutch Open National Unlimited Aerobatic Championship.

The Extra 300 & 300L:
1992 was the year in which sponsor Shake 20 (Coberco) made it possible to purchase the high performance Extra 300. A mid-wing composite mono-plane. It was flown by Frank for four years.
In 1996 Frank changed to the XTRA 300 L. This aircraft was the state-of-the-art machine of that moment.
In July 1997 he was the first pilot ever making a touch and go with an Extra 300 L (D-EZOZ) on a 70 meter long vessel in the Rhine in Rhenen, the Netherlands.
During the landing in the Xtra the pilot  could not see the landing gear, and could not see the ship and flies over 150 km/hr. There was only 1,5 seconds to land the aircraft on the boat because of the approaching speed of 80 knots. The landing took place during an airshow which was attended by 50,000 spectators.


2015 November. 1 st International airshow in St Maarten. Location over Great bay. Versteegh was Air Boss and in charge of this historical event.
2014 Frank opened the Voortwisch Golfcourse with an airshow. Dogleg 1 was named after his dog. Joe the Co.
2012 Franks first book “Niet voor piloten” came out, all funds to charity KiKa
2010 Landing a Zandvoort circuit, incl. Donuts and Tarzan Turn (1st plane ever)
2009 Producer TV program regional televison 8 series De lucht in met…
2009 Key note speaker & airshow pilot
2008 Expert aviation commentator for TV production (135 countries).
2007 Totalled; 1350 aerobatics displays flown in 38 countries.
2006 Release DVD “Love to fly”.
2005 Flying under Erasmus bridge downtown Rotterdam
2004 Airshow Oosterbeek Airborne (28.000 visitors)
2003-2007 Pilot at Red Bull Air Race
2003-2004 Chairman working group airshow regulations
2001 Script “GRAVITY” Aviation in your World.
2000 German test pilots school masterclass spin training
1999-2009 key note speaker (Risk management, Safety, decision taking)
1997 Landing on barge during airshow in Rhenen
1996-2000 Display Pilot Toyota the Netherlands
1993 Founding CAVOK b.v. production company
1992-1994 Sales director Extra aircraft company
1989 National unlimited aerobatic champion
1984-1994 Junior Chamber Arnhem (Senator #50338)
1982-1994 World and European Championships
1982 1st airshow
1975 finished commercial education
1973 March 24 13:20 hrs LT 1st flight

Competitions and tournaments

1985 South African Masters La Mercy, Durban
1987 Eurobatics Speichers-dorf Germany
1989 Masters Palaborwa South Africa
1989 Eurobatics Becescaba Hungary
1990 Masters Ocana Spain
1990 World Championship Yverdon Switzerland
1991 International Masters of Aerobatics Argentina
1991 Eurobatics Toulouse France
1992 World Championship Le Havre France
1993 Contest director World Glider Aerobatic Championshop Venlo (NL)
1993 Breitling World Cup of Aerobatics
1998 Freestyle cup Sassuolo Italy (Winner of the Reggiani Freestyle cup)
2000 Freestyle cup Milano Bresso Italy (Silver medal)
2002 Italian Free Style Championship Sassuolo 2nd
2003 World Air Race Budapest (4th place)
2003 Italy Reggiani Trophy (4th)
2004 Red Bull Air Race England (Kemble) and Hungary (Budapest)
2005 Red Bull Air Race Abu Dhabi, Rotterdam, Cashel, Longleat, Budapest, San Francisco.
2006 RBAR Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Berlin
2006 Italian Freestyle championships 1st place.
2007 3 Championship points Air race. Abu Dhabi, Monument Valley, Istanbul (3x 6th place)
2009 Italian Free style championships