First operators in the Netherlands…

World Aerobatics Promotions has been one of the first operators in the Netherlands investing in four-bladed propellers and mufflers. In 1992 W.A.P. invested in a new Xtra 300 aircraft with the latest technology in noise canceling equipment. Noise complaints reduced instantly. The sport of aerobatics is supported by more and more people each year . Airshows still are the second largest public events after soccer in Europe and football in the USA.Statistics show that aerobatics is the safest air sport. Aerobatic pilots are trained and specialised in handling their aircraft in any situation and all unusual attitudes. Aerobatis has proven to be a perfect safety net for pilots. Its like a Pro-drive training¬† / skid school for car drivers. Note: Although aviators invested a lot of money in sound reducing measures, landing fee’s went up and up in The Netherlands. No incentive at all to invest more money in these measures.

Blaue Umwelt Engel

Our high-performance aircraft meets the strongest noise requirements in Europe and is therefore rewarded with the environmental certificate Blaue Umwelt Engel. In Germany this certificate gives reduction on landing fees because of the low noise emission.

The Xtra 300 L was the first aircraft in The Netherlands rewarded with the Blaue Umwelt Engel.
Unfortunately the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority (NLA) does not reward the effort and investments made.

E.g. At Teuge airport all aircrafts are charged with extra fee for a landing at Sunday.
In the 24 hours economy we live in now, it is hard to see the justification of this rule.

Blaue Engel

Xtra 300 L

The Xtra 300 L produces 64,5 dB(A)
This is below the international limits
from ICAO and also below the German noise limit.


The noise of aircraft is not only produced by the engine but for a substantial amount by the propeller. 20 years ago our aircrafts were equipped with two-bladed prop’s. At high speeds the tips of these prop’s break the speed of sound. A noise which can be compared with the noise of chainsaws. In 1992 we invested in four-bladed prop’s. The blades of a four-bladed prop are shorter than the ‘old fashioned’ prop’s and produce remarkably less sound. With the prop’s W.A.P. uses now, we meet the strict noise limits and achieve noise levels of 5 to 6 dB(A) below the German limit. These limits are even more strict than ICAO and Dutch noise limits.

Muffler systems

Leading roll in the promotion of silence systems
In 1992 W.A.P. also invested in exhaust mufflers. These ultra modern silencers use a totally new principle of noise reduction. A system that has a steadily growing number of users in other general aviation aircraft like Cessna’s and Pipers. W.A.P. took the lead in this new development!

In April 1998 we introduced new muffler systems to all pilots and operators in the Netherlands.
W.A.P. organised two seminars at Rotterdam and Teuge airport to inform pilots and operators about the noise reduction possibilities.
These possibilities will generate a fleet of silent aircrafts in the near future.