Aerobatics display or keynote speaker

Frank Versteegh flies his spectacular aerobatic show at your location. Since 1982 he flew more than 1400 displays in 40 countries.
You can also book Frank Versteegh to deliver a keynote speech.

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Requirements aerobatics display

To book one of our displays, it is important to know following;

  • Location; Almost every location is suitable for our displays. (It is not allowed to display over cities or busy built-up area’s)
  • Authorization; The organizer provides an authorization from the local council. (We can assist and supply a template for the application)
  • Civil Aviation Authorities; WAP will provide authorizations from the CAA.
  • Display times; from sunrise till sunset
  • Display authorization; For Europe we hold an Unlimited aerobatics authorization till 2 feet from ground. For the US we hold a Level 1 Unrestricted airshow waiver. An routine aerobatic display is flown between 100 and 2500 feet.
  • Aircraft requirements (only for airshows were we land). Per display; 40 liters of 100 LL and 35 liters of FC 5 paraffin or Canopus smoke oil.
  • Hangarage; Overnight, most likely in hangar.
  • Bad Weather. Airshow organizers are advised to have an event insurance. If the organiser cancels because of bad weather, there will be no refund. If we cannot attend the event because of technical reasons we will refund 100 % of the fee. (Or as specified in agreement).  Once we are on our way to the destination of the event, full fee has to be paid by organiser. (In 30 years of airshow flying we only missed 1 show because of bad weather). Cancellations by organiser during the event because of unexpected reasons. This is the airshow organisers risk and should be covered by event-insurance
  • Press rides are available. Please contact us well in advance!

Main conditions

Payment in advance. Amount to bank account NL09 RABO 0137 5584 06 of the foundation World Aerobatics Promotions in Oosterbeek The Netherlands, 7 days prior to the above-mentioned event.  For multiple displays or displays outside The Netherlands, downpayment 4 weeks prior to the event. Payment if cancellation within 2 month’s of the date of the event 50 %, within one month 75%, within 14 days 100 %.

The display’s

The Aerobatic Show is a high performance solo aerobatics display. The show can take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Some details

First display in 1982
Continents displayed; Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa.
Some Countries displayed; USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Hungary, Czech republic, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina.(40 countries and 1400 displays)
Audience; smallest 15, largest 1.200.000 spectators