Black Africa


What did they have in Africa before candles………?


Power cuts (shut downs of all electricity) has become more rule than exemption in South Africa.
Again today parts of Johannesburg and of the country were switched off power. Hrs. without electricity. The damage this switching off is enormous. Restaurants have to send guests home etc. If you run a generator company in South Africa you are in business.
Lack of maintenance by the Government is a big issue here. It seems that the Government only thinks about today and there is no tomorrow.
The reason is that the government is a bit behind of maintenance of the power plants and that the demand has become way too much for the existing power plants.

I have been visiting Africa since 1985 and saw major changes. Unfortunately not only in a positive way. This week the country remembers Madiba, (Nelson Mandela) who died a year ago. What this man meant and did for S Africa is of such magnitude that you can hardly understand it.
Unfortunately memory is short in this country and the first signs of the new apartheid are there again. Specially in the remote areas with smaller white communities.
The other side of the coin is that the first white beggers (bedelaars) were seen in 2000 after the big change in this country.
To find a job here the priority goes to black females. Sometimes the result of this reverse selection process is unbelievable for us Europeans.
Crime rates went through the roof and some places are not safe at all.
But you also see new developments. One of the most visible and successful is Maboneng down town Johannesburg. A pleasure to visit this place , now ist full of little restaurants, shops, galleries artists etc.
Had breakfast here sunday morning! What a relaxed place to be , downtown Johannesburg.
The Canteen, at Fox street, try it out!

After breakfast we drove up to Kittyhawk to meet Leon Joubert, old friend and he was the technician of Glenn Dell in the RBAR. (Red Bull Air Race).
Leon built himself a lancair in 4 1/2 years and it had its maiden flight saturday. So a good reason to drive up and celebrate with him.

Now ist Monday morning and I am ready to eat some serious “humblepie” , I am on my way to South African Civil Aviation Authority to get my paperwork sorted out. Nigel Hopkins (the local hero and SAA Airbus driver) will assist me.:-)
When all goes well after mid day I will be a fully qualified South African Pilots License holder. We will see.
Maybe we have a black out again and I can see no nothing and have no nothing.

I’ll be back!