This is Africa.

One of the first visible things reminding me that I am in the (or on the) highfeld I my bag of liquorish (dropjes) looks like a balloon. Because of the altitude Johannesburg is situated on the air in my bag of dropjes expanded and the bag looks like a balloon.
Tip: all your creams, body lotions, etc. will have the tendency to “eject” when you open them at 1700M altitude. Before packing, squeeze the bottles a bit and you will have no problem.

First thing I do when I touch base in Africa is activate my South African TomTom app. A must have when you travel around.
It’s a small investment and the pay off is great. Not only for navigation but also giving info about points of interest.

This morning (dec 5) I passed my written South African Air Law test at Grand Central airport. Don’t like tests, but, every test you learn from. It was good to refresh my (old) memory.IMG_1425

Johannesburg just turned black. Power failure! All shopping centres, hospitals, restaurants etc. are without power now. This big stores have generators, but all the smaller ones don’t. Costing a fortune.

Imagine, all restaurants are booked with Christmas parties and functions. All black now! Also the mobile phone network collapsed. No communication possible at the moment. That’s also the reason I am not to keep on going in elevators in AfricaL
Its already for more than 2 hrs now, and I am gonna conserve battery power of my computer. Write to you later about cultural differences etc. between Holland and Africa J

6 hrs later the power came on.

All electronic devices back on the chargers J

Dec 6. Time for my checkride. Got checked out in a Cessna 172 RG Cutlass. At least a little bit of horsepower at this altitude. (180 HP).
My very friendly instructor Brian Ward had more fun than he expected. J
We flew from Grand Central via HBV beacon (Hartebeespoortdam) to the Brits General Flying area for some emergencies. (I LOVE emergencies).
Ernie Els

Some simulated fires, engine failures, precautionary stuff, (boring ;-)) returning via Ernie Els golf course and a flapless back at Grand Central (FAGC).
And than…………. Paperwork.

Shit guys, I know Dutch CAA is the worst of the World, but RSA CAA is definitely competing for the podium. They are going to WIN!

The amount of paper produced to get licenses in South Africa is the same as the weight of the airplane you wanna fly. (According to my instructor).

Monday I am going to CAA to sort my license out. (I will take a book and some food to survive) .
Once I have “wings “ I am free to go wherever I want. Visit my friends at the farm, in the lowfeld and plan a trip via Botswana to Vic Falls for New Years.
Looking fwd to overheat my camera over Botswana. Out of Africa 2.0

After my checkride I was invited for a Braai with aviation friends. Another lovely evening in Johannesburg.
Power is still on.